Mountain Caribou

The decision to mount Speak to the Wild was prompted by the on-going decline of British Columbia’s Mountain Caribou, the world’s most southerly reindeer. Mountain Caribou make their home almost exclusively in the inland mountains of south-central B.C. and are hence uniquely a Canadian responsibility.

Speak to the Wild tote bag design

The Mountain Caribou is by no means the only Canadian animal currently in trouble. And yet the caribou’s demonstrated need for vast wild areas to move around in makes it, or rather its plight, a powerful litmus test for Canada’s commitment to sustainable development. Either we actively ensure the continued existence of the wilderness tracts the Mountain Caribou depends on, or it will go extinct, possibly within our lifetimes. As Canadians we need to decide how we feel about this. If we can’t sustain an animal as charismatic as the Mountain Caribou – emblem of mountain wilderness – then what hope is there for other, less conspicuous species? Read more at

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