British Columbia’s provincial parks open for fracking, oil and mining

– a note from Trevor Goward

Dear Friends of Speak to the Wild

Parks are supposed to be forever: a legacy to future generations. Or so the story goes.

Last week, the B.C. government passed a law that empowers oil, gas and mining companies to open up BC’s provincial parks for industrial activity.

Resource companies can now apply for permits to drill exploratory wells, build roads and dig giant test pits in the name of pipeline and transmission line “research”. They can also apply to have park boundaries changed if and when that seems expedient.

Unless we act now to have this law revoked, we can look forward to an endless and probably futile series of battles to maintain the status quo. Continue reading

The time has come to take S2W to the next level

Dear friends of Speak to the Wild

The message that follows this e-mail appeared in my inbox a few days ago. Reading it, I was put in mind of our collective decision last autumn to work for meaningful change in Canada, how important that is.

The time has come to take Speak to the Wild to the next level. Our most immediate task is to finalize our S2W Declaration, currently in draft form. Emily McGiffin will shortly be in touch with you about this. When you hear from her, please take the time to be involved. This is our chance to make our feelings known and have our voices heard. Continue reading