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Participants in Speak to the Wild came from many walks of life and brought with them a diverse array of experience and expertise. They were united in their love of wilderness and a deep concern at recent trends in Canada’s relation to its wild places and the animals – and people – who depend on wildness.


Speak to the Wild Participants: September 2013


Name Handle Wiki-Entry
Lyn Baldwin botanist, professor
Elias Baumgarten philosopher, professor
Nancy Baron environmentalist, writer
Curtis Björk botanist, local resident
David Boyd environmental lawyer, professor
Nicholas Bradley writer, professor
Robert Bringhurst poet, typographer, writer wikipedia:Robert_Bringhurst
Natasha Bush ecologist
Sharon Butala writer, novelist wikipedia:Sharon_Butala
Dick Cannings biologist, writer
Syd Cannings naturalist, writer
Ted Chamberlin writer, former professor
Sandy Crane musician, local resident
Lorna Crozier poet, professor wikipedia:Lorna_Crozier
Tom Dickinson biologist, professor
Erin Ellerbeck assistant professor
Tom Fleischner naturalist, professor
Andrew Gertge naturalist
Peter Goddard historian, professor
Trevor Goward lichenologist, local resident
Trina Gregson teacher, local resident
Ray Grigg conservationist, writer wikipedia:The_Tao_of_Zen
Mark Haddock environmental lawyer, professor
Trevor Herriot naturalist, writer
Karen Hofmann poet, professor
Anna Johnston environmental lawyer
Patrick Lane poet, writer wikipedia:Patrick_Lane
Doris Laner artist, local resident
Jacquie Lanthier environmentalist, teacher
Tim Lilburn poet, essayist wikipedia:Tim_Lilburn
Kem Luther writer, retired dean
Dan McAllister ecologist
Susan McCaslin poet, retired professor wikipedia:Susan_McCaslin
Emily McGiffin poet, environmentalist
Keith McNeil journalist
Andrew McKinlay environmentalist
Janet McVittie professor
Erik Milton lighthouse keeper, local resident
Faisal Moola environmentalist, professor
Joan Morris Songhees Nation
Jane Munro poet
Sharon Neufeld herbalist, local resident
Nastassja Noell biologist
Susan Pinkus environmentalist
Philipp Resl botanist
Laurie Ricou writer, professor
Candace Savage naturalist, writer wikipedia:Candace_Savage
Karena Schmidt naturalist
Melanie Seibert poet, writer wikipedia:Melanie_Siebert
George Sipos poet, arts administrator
Toby Spribille lichenologist
John Steffler poet, writer wikipedia:John_Steffler
Laura Stewart naturalist, songwriter
Nancy Turner ethnobotanist, professor wikipedia:Nancy_Turner
Saskia Wolsak educator
Peter Wood environmentalist
Ken Wright naturalist
Mike Youds journalist
Jan Zwicky poet, philosopher wikipedia:Jan_Zwicky