Groundbreaking developments in Pennsylvania pave the way for expanision of constituional rights in Canada

The New Yaear began with an enthusiastic email by constitutional lawyer David Boyd, he wrote to Speak to the Wild with news about a legal case in Pennsylvania that has broad implications for the work of environmentalists in Canada. He writes:

“In the spirit of starting the New Year with some good news, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has shocked the legal world (and the oil and gas industry) with a powerful decision upholding citizens’ right to a healthy environment, which was added to that state’s constitution in 1970. Earlier court decisions had undermined the strength of the constitutional right. However the new decision, in a case filed by NGOs, local governments, and an MD, strikes down chunks of a recent state law passed to promote fracking (and limit local government’s regulatory powers) and does so in a comprehensive and compelling fashion.

I have also attached the decision for keeners–its long but parts are awesome–see pages 69-88, 94-95, 114-119, and 134 here: Pennsylvania R2HE decision 2013
Please forward this information to your networks–it illustrates the power of what we are collectively trying to do in Canada!
Happy New Year to all of you!
David R. Boyd, Ph.D., J.D.
Adjunct Professor, Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University